RYLLEGA experimental contemporary art gallery

Site language : English / Vietamese
e-mail: ryllega@yahoo.com
Address: 1A Trang Tien St., Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam


Since the turn of the 90s, there have been changes in Vietnam Art environment. The open of the market economy was associated with the development of art commercial activities. However, art and its nature have yet to make their evolvement.

At the end of the 90s, there were some positive signals in Vietnam contemporary art that were seen from the aggressive participation of Tran Luong, Truong Tan and Minh Thanh ...etc and a number of small art groups including Nha San group ( run by artist Nguyen Manh Duc and art advisor Tran Luong), Ly Hoang Ly group ( Ho Chi Minh City). However, those signals became real changes at the beginning of 21st century. Several young artists and their art exhibitions in Vietnam and overseas became great attraction such as: Asia window workshop, Green, Red and Yellow exhibition...

Today, those artists are making any creation effort for a brighter, more professional art environment. However, a lot of difficulties and challenges have been found on the way.
- Few of them got trained for contemporary art such as: installation art, performance art, video art, multi material art. Most of them were educated from Hanoi Art University under the classic French teaching model applied since 1940s and they themselves had to find their ways to struggle with new things.
- Lack of a professional art supporting environment including art critics, curators, art development funds...etc. Besides, there is conservative and discouraging attitude about contemporary art existed among several office artists.
- Lack of a space for exhibition. Contemporary art activities are usually made available at foreign culture centers such as: Goethe Institute, L'espace and a number of foreign embassies in Hanoi or at private home of interested contemporary artists. Meanwhile, galleries only pay attention to profitable projects.

#RYLLEGA experimental contemporary art gallery is a non profitable project put up together by two fellow artists: Nguyen Minh Phuoc and Vu Huu Thuy to introduce the first kind of a professional non-profit gallery in Hanoi aiming at:
- Making a professional place available for non-profit and free art creation. In Ryllega, artists are given a chance to express themselves via their own experimental works including: Installation, video and multi-material...
- For an art exchange between local and foreign artists, between artists and public.
- Introducing high quality art works by local and foreign artists to public.
- Financially supporting young artists ( if possible).

RYLLEGAL gallery operation started from March 1, 1004 at 1A Trang Tien Street with total area of 4.5mx9.5m and exhibiting area of 4.5mx7.5m